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Introducing our Know Your Body package!

At the Lake Nona Performance Club, we use scientific methods and precise technology to help our members and clients truly understand their bodies. If you are a beginning exerciser, simply want to make exceptional progress in your health journey, or have struggled to see success in fitness, our Know Your Body destination package is right for you!

The scientific methods used at LNPC help our average adult member see a 3-4% improvement in biometric measures after only 3 months of activity. This includes reduced body weight, increases in body muscle, reduced body fat percentage, and reduced waist circumference.  These improvements help our members personally feel more energized, confident in their bodies, and well-balanced in maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Over a two-day visit of 3 hours activity each day at LNPC, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive biometric evaluation of your current health, biomechanical analysis of your current movement, and exercise assessments to determine your fitness level. You’ll work with our highly educated team including a Certified Personal Trainer, of which all have a minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, as well as our Registered Dietician, and resident Kinesiology Ph.D., to be provided with a comprehensive analysis of you as a whole person.

Our approach at LNPC involves understanding the fundamentals of your health, and evidence-based methods to reach your health goals.

After breaking a sweat with the fitness assessments, cool down with some manual stretching from our Certified Trainer to demonstrate the importance of taking care of your body with recovery! Not only is stretching important to cool down and recover, but also to ensure good posture, reduce stress, and maximize fitness progress. Success in exercise comes from so much more than strenuous workouts. Between your Day 1 and Day 2 visits, our Personal Trainer will develop a specific 3-month exercise plan for you, which the trainer will extensively review the program, and perform the exercises with you to help you make sustained progress. You’ll also receive a precise nutrition plan from our Dietician, including daily caloric needs, macro nutrient balance, what specific foods to eat, and what foods to avoid.

In today’s world, there is a growing amount of trends, fitness fads, and un-qualified influences providing health information and products. Let us at LNPC help you to “Know your Body” and make the right steps toward a consistently healthy lifestyle of success!

All scheduling for this destination package must be done at least 14 days in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact our concierge Julie Reizenman at Ready to book? Click here to book your experience today!

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