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Are you ready to take your athletic performance to the next level?

Do you want to improve your strength, power, flexibility, balance, or speed?

Whether you are looking to gain a competitive edge or stay strong and healthy with recovery and strength training guidance customized to meet your specific needs.

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Unlock your athletic potential. Dial in your training with unprecedented precision using the latest technology and support from our Precision RX experts.

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Elevate your Performance. Boost your confidence and develop your skills. Get tailored training sessions based on your physiology.

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Regenerate and rejuvenate with access to top-of-the-line therapeutic tools that will leave your body feeling better. Combined with proper nutrition, your Recovery will become your secret weapon.

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Our Experts are Here to Help You Reach Your Goals with Precision

Every BODY is different and needs a customized plan.

Our experts use the latest science and technology to look at your physiology and performance level to create your individualized training program.

With guidance from Matt Harris, Human Performance Lab Manager, and help from Sarah Logan, Registered Dietitian, you will have the plan you need to reach your goals.

EDGE Sports Performance Classes


Adult Development

The Adult Development Program is designed to help promote long-term health and performance as well as develop comradery through a group/community-based setting. This program will include customized programming based on your individual goals and needs whether you are looking to regain basic athletic movement patterns to apply everyday life, are looking to compete at a high level in recreational/sport activities, or are an athlete competing at an elite college or professional level.


Jump Start

The Jump Start program (8-11 years old) will teach fundamental athletic movement patterns while introducing basic safe strength principles. Training will include introducing bodyweight movement patterns and progressions, body control and coordination, building self-confidence, and improving mobility and flexibility. This will also include an introduction to power movements such as jumping and landing, acceleration and deceleration, and linear and multi-planar speed.


Tactical Performance

The Adult Tactical Performance Program is a comprehensive training program based on sound scientific principles and progressions with an emphasis on helping tactical professionals (military, police officers, firefighters, security personnel, and paramedics) perform at the highest level. This program has a high-performance training approach that will cater to the training around the physiological demands of the job and is designed to optimize performance and reduce injury risk. This will include periodized hypertrophy, strength, flexibility/mobility, power, and conditioning programming.



The D1 Program (12-15 years old) will teach and introduce safe basic strength, speed, and power progressions. This multi-sport program will emphasize the efficiency of movement while continuing to build strength, flexibility/mobility, power, multi-planar speed, and conditioning when appropriate.


Team Training

The Team Training program is designed to build and develop team chemistry through comprehensive sport-specific training and progressions. This program could include but is not limited to, youth academy teams, middle school or high school teams, or adult recreational teams. This program has a high-performance training approach that will cater to the training around the age of the athlete, the physiological demands of the sport, and the time of the year. This will include sport-specific strength, flexibility/mobility, power, multi-planar speed, and conditioning programming for the in-season, off-season, pre-season, and post-season training.



The D2 Program (16-18 years old) is a comprehensive performance program. This multi-sport program will emphasize the efficiency of movement while building strength, flexibility/mobility, power, multi-planar speed, and conditioning when appropriate. This program will include increasing the athletes’ ability to safely load strength patterns and power movements.


Sport Specific Training

The Sport Specific program (+15 years old) is a comprehensive training program based on an individual sport emphasis. This program has a high-performance training approach that will cater to the training around the physiological demands of the sport and the time of the year. This will include periodized sport-specific strength, flexibility/mobility, power, multi-planar speed, and conditioning programming for the in-season, off-season, pre-season, and post-season training.


DEKA Performance Program

10 DEKA zones provide a well-rounded functional test for all levels of fitness. Every zone is based on functional movements that don’t require any specific training or education to complete. DEKA testing provides a benchmark. Consistent training will improve your fitness level. Periodic testing will provide proof that the time you’ve invested in your training has improved your fitness.


Recovery will become your secret weapon

As your skills develop and your awareness deepens, your body will undoubtedly need to regenerate and rejuvenate along the way.  Joint mobility, muscle pliability and cell functionality will bounce back quickly with regular body work sessions.  When combined with proper nutrition and supplementation, your Recovery will become your secret weapon.

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At The Lake Nona Performance Club, we love performers of every level, and that includes competitive athletes of all ages. LNPC offers a highly-advanced and comprehensive approach to training that is built upon evidence-based methodologies and delivered in a way that elevates the performance of any athlete. Gain your competitive edge at LNPC today!

Endurance Sports Training

Metabolic Performance Testing and Training Prescription

Our Sports Scientist employs the cutting-edge science used by the world’s best athletes to assess your performance capability down at a cellular level and then based will customize a precision training plan based on your results to bring your performance to all new levels.

Endurance Sports Nutrition

Our Sports Nutritionist will assess your current nutrition approach, develop your customized fueling plan and then provide the ongoing support you’ll need to accomplish your endurance sports goals.

Biomechanics Assessment

Our Sports Scientist employs technology used by the pros to evaluate your movement efficiency and risk for injury and then prescribe, corrective exercise as necessary to help you prevent or recover from movement-related injuries so you can maximize your performance uninterrupted.

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Endurance Sports Coaching

Endurance Sports Coaching

Our endurance sports coach can help you achieve a PR in your next running, cycling, swimming, duathlon, or triathlon race.

Distance/Virtual Support & Coaching

Our experts leverage online and virtual technology to allow us to provide you with distance coaching support to insure your questions never go unanswered so you can reach and exceed your endurance sports goals.

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“Sharing the basketball court with some of the most incredible athletes in the world requires an incredible level of conditioning, agility and mobility.  With the players only getting younger and faster and my getting older, maintaining an elite level of fitness is paramount to my commitment to excellence in service of the game. After enduring multiple seasons with various injuries,  Alex Parr and the LNPC Edge group’s personalized training plans have given me a renewed confidence in my body and my ability to do the job I love at an elite level for the long haul.  For that I am forever grateful!”

Joshua Wilson
LNPC Member, EDGE Client, Professional Basketball Referee

“I have suffered with low back issues that put a halt to my strength training, rowing, and running for the past one year. Melissa has been instrumental in strengthening my lower back and abdominal muscles  by redesigning routines consistently. She provided excellent support and motivation throughout the process and I highly recommend her unique expertise in physical therapy and strength training.”

Sunita R
LNPC Member and client of Dr. Franco

“I came to Melissa because I had shoulder and neck pain from poor posture. Melissa did a fantastic job in resolving my issues with a progression of soft tissue mobilization, stretches, and exercises that fixed my problems and allowed me to do activities pain-free again!”

Chad Wallace
LNPC member and client of Dr. Franco

“I saw one of my clients who had been out of the country for a little over a month. They hadn’t seen me and they asked me if I lost 10 to 15 pounds and commented that I looked a lot more in shape and muscular. I really appreciate everything Cory and the EDGE team does!”

Rob Roylance
LNPC Member, EDGE Client, Golf Pro

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