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Let me guess, you’ve tried to lose weight before. You felt yourself cringe at that photo of you posted online. You realized you were out of breath doing something simple, so you decided to work on yourself by losing weight and getting healthy. You’ve tried keto or something less intense but still rigid enough to feel like a diet. You’ve worked out harder than ever. You’ve seen the scale go down and think “this is it!”…and then it happens.

You started to get hungry. You felt sore from the workouts for longer than you expected. You got asked to go out to eat or to go to a birthday party. You missed an early or late workout. You cheated on your diet food. Suddenly you found yourself so far away from that start line with even more pounds gained wondering in your frustration “Why couldn’t I keep going?” “Why did I have to ruin it?”

Because there is a better way to reach the goals you’re after for your body and health. And it has nothing to do with more willpower.

Here’s the thing: No two bodies are the same…so it only makes sense that “one size fits all” approaches to weight loss don’t work.

At Precision Rx, we use the latest in science to understand your body’s unique needs when it comes to weight loss. Then we build a comprehensive program specifically designed to work for YOUR body. But it doesn’t stop there! Our advance degreed experts work with you one-on-one every step of the way to make sure that you not only reach your weight loss goals but also learn the best approach for your body to successfully manage your weight for a lifetime.

Program description:

  • 10-week program
  • Pre and Post body composition assessments to track yourgoals
  • Resting metabolic rate assessment to understand yourbody’s caloric needs
  • Metabolic fitness assessment and program design to maximize yourbody’s ability to burn fat during exercise
  • Daily exercise tracking & check-ins and monthly in-depth consultations with our Metabolic Health and Performance Scientist
  • Weekly sessions with our Registered Dietician to design and implement an eating program that works for your body and lifestyle
  • 10-15 lb initial weight loss by end of program…and armed with the skills for a lifetime of successful weight management!

It’s your turn to transform, and you have what it takes. You will have everything you need in your journey.

Remember this: there is never a “perfect time” to start your journey, but the best time to prioritize your body, health, and life (the right way!) is now.

-Sarah Logan, MS, RD, LDN, CPT, Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer at Lake Nona Performance Club

For more information, please contact our Metabolic Health and Human Performance Scientist, Tristan Starling-Smith at

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